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Evolve Housing has been granted $10,000 funding from the NSW government’s Community Housing Division (CHD) to run the Evolve Housing Tenant Empowerment Project or ATEP. The aim of the project is to improve tenants’ involvement in Evolve Housing’s business decision-making process by providing them with skills to increase their participation and enable active engagement.

Up to 20 youth tenant volunteers will be identified through Evolve Housing’s meet-and-greet program and nominations from our four local tenant groups. The project will be delivered in partnership with Granville TAFE, University of Western Sydney (UWS), the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC), the Tenant Union, the Evolve Housing Tenant Council and local tenant groups. It will be overseen by the Evolve Housing Housing Services Coordinator.

Granville TAFE will run workshops for the project participants to develop skills in business principles and decision-making. HAC and the Tenant Union will be invited to speak at some of these workshops. The participants will be given an opportunity to shadow an Evolve Housing Housing Manager for a day to understand the complex nature of decision-making and they will be also invited to observe Consumer, Trade and Tenancies Tribunal (CTTT) hearings and Evolve Housing board meetings.


Evolve Housing will work with the UWS Careers and Corporate section to identify suitable candidates to run the project, assisted by the Evolve Housing Community Development Officer