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Repairs & Maintenance

Evolve Housing will provide and maintain its properties in a good state of repair.

Evolve Housing has developed minimum property standards and we will make sure that the properties we manage meet these standards. This includes ensuring that we attend to both large items, e.g. new kitchens, carpets, etc and also less expensive matters such as repairing flyscreens.

How do residents make a request for repairs?

Residents should always deal directly with Evolve Housing. For leasehold tenants in particular, we ask that you do not directly contact either the agent or the owner. Call or come into our office to make a request. Evolve Housing keeps records of all correspondence and this may become very important at the end of your tenancy.

How long should residents wait for things to be fixed?

Evolve Housing will always endeavor to have maintenance matters attended to within the following timeframes:

Emergency repairs

Issues that are a threat to the tenants’ health or safety or there is a risk of serious property damage will be responded to within 4 hours (E.g. Fire or Flooding)

Urgent repairs

(E.g. Loss of cooking facilities, power) will be responded to in the same day they are reported.

Routine repairs

Will be responded to within 21 days.

What type of maintenance will Evolve Housing attend to?

There are some items that tenants commonly request that we are unable to assist with. Some of these matters are:

  • Supply and installation of air conditioners or heating
  • Landscaping and gardening,
  • intruder alarm systems
  • Installation of swimming pools
  • Patios or pergolas
  • Telephone supply and connections
  • Installation of cable, satellite or other Pay-TV services
  • Supply and installation of grills, grids or shutters to windows
  • Some types of pest control

IMPORTANT: Where residents have serious medical problems or a disability, we can often provide additional assistance.

Can tenants organise work to the property if they are willing to pay for it?

If tenants wish to undertake maintenance themselves, then they must apply in writing.

Residents should also speak to one of our Housing Managers who will provide them with all of the conditions that residents might have to meet. These conditions can vary depending on the type of work being done and who will be completing the work.

How do residents contact Evolve Housing outside of office hours?

The Evolve Housing will provide an emergency number to contact.

The resident’s written agreement with Evolve Housing will also provide details of contractors, e.g. plumbers or electricians, that can assist in an emergency.

What can residents do if things are taking too long to get fixed?

Tenants should speak with their Housing Manager. Evolve Housing also has a formal complaints and appeal process, where residents can have their issues further investigated and resolved.

Repair Maintenance Sheet – Click here to download

Report your Maintenance and Repairs request online 

Please enter the details of your maintenance and repairs request in the Address block along with your home address details.

Date :

Name :

Address :

Telephone :
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Email :

Repairs Request Form – Click here to download

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