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Supported Housing

Evolve Housing’s supported housing partnerships are a way of providing housing to those people most in need who otherwise may not be abe to sustain a tenant independently.

Supported Housing is a 3 way partnership between Evolve Housing, Support providers and the clients of the Support providers. Evolve Housing offers the housing for the clients on a medium term basis while the agency working with their client provides for their support needs.

Supported housing makes up 16% of Evolve Housing’s total housing stock, but we are aiming to increase significantly our proportion of supported housing to meet the increasing need for housing for people with particular needs such as:

• People with intellectual and or physical disability.
• Women and children in refuges
• People with a mental illness.
• People escaping Violence
• Indigenous families facing difficulty in acquiring private rental.
• Elderly people who require support.
• Newly arrived migrants.
• Single young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Evolve Housing has formal written agreements with all its partners who provide support to their clients. The support providers choose who they want put in the housed allocated. All potential tenants must fit the support provider’s eligibility criteria, have a current T– number with Housing NSW and fit the income criteria. Tenancies are all fixed term leases for an initial three- to six-month period and then either the tenant exits or a further fixed term lease with Evolve Housing is negotiated


The following is a list of some of the Support Partners:

• Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney
• NSW Schizophrenia Fellowship
• Centacare
• Women’s Refuge
• Australian Arabic Communities Council
• CRC Justice Support
• Westmead Hospital


Click here to download the Evolve Housing Fact Sheet on Supported Housing

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