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Resident Engagement Strategy, 2013-2015

Evolve Housing strives to deliver high quality homes and improve the wellbeing of our residents. We will continue to develop and improve our methods for engagement with our residents, through consultation and feedback.

From research and feedback we know that our residents value different types and levels of engagement, which are dependent on their personal circumstances, commitments and interests. Our aim is to meet the expectations of our residents and encourage greater participation through our engagement approach.

This strategy highlights our key priorities and actions for 2013-2015.

To download and print a copy of our Resident Engagement Strategy, please Click Here.

Volunteering for us

Volunteers are involved in Evolve Housing in many ways, including providing a social support network to our residents, being involved in office work, community engagement activities, the Evolve Housing Residents Council or on the communications panel.

By volunteering with us you are helping to ensure Evolve Housing as a community housing provider remains community minded and driven as an organisation. Evolve Housing is not just about providing a roof over someone’s head but about improving the quality of peoples lives, strengthening both people and communities. By volunteering with us you are helping to extend the services that we offer allowing us to reach more of our residents and make a real difference too many lives. Every volunteer at Evolve Housing is important and we greatly value your contribution.

During 2012/2013 Evolve Housing had 11 volunteers who collectively generously gave 1804 hours of their time to help make a difference to the lives of our residents. Evolve Housing extends a big thank you to all of our volunteers.

If you interested in becoming a volunteer at Evolve Housing please contact Rob the Community Development Officer on 02 8862 1500

Evolve Housing Residents Council – working to deliver projects to benefit all residents

The Resident Council has been re-established for 6 months now. The group has been working hard to make sure the needs of the residents are being heard.

Some projects that are currently being worked on include:

1. Working with the organising committee for the Resident End of Year Celebration / Christmas Party.

2. Providing input into the wording of the Evolve Housing membership documents that residents have received.

3. Working on a social events calendar for residents.

4. Contributing to evolving news and establishing a page dedicated to the Residents Council.

5. Establishing a Communications Panel (see below).

6. A big achievement has been the Resident Report Card, which measures Evolve Housing’s performance based on what residents think are important. This was requested by the Resident Council to provide good service to Evolve Housing residents.

7. Forming a Customer Service Charter.


Resident Council – Volunteers Needed:

There are currently some vacancies to join the Resident Council. If you are interested in making the voice of the residents heard, you are welcome to APPLY as a volunteer.

What you need to do to APPLY for the Residents Council:

1. Contact Rob the Community Development Officer on 8862 1500 to say you are interested in being in the Residents Council

2. Be ready to attend monthly meetings (second Monday of every month from 10am-12pm)

Communications Panel – Resident Volunteers Needed:

From time to time Evolve Housing sends written information to tenants including letters, leaflets and newsletters, letting them know of  upcoming events, rent reviews or even important meetings such as the Annual General Meeting.

Evolve Housing needs your input to make sure that the written information that goes to tenants is easy to understand and read, well designed and informative. To achieve this, the Resident Council has been working with Evolve Housing to set up a Communication Panel made up of volunteer residents. This Panel will be sent written documents to be checked for wording, content and layout then returned to Evolve Housing with suggested changes before it is sent to all tenants and residents.

If you are interested in working with the Communications Panel, you are welcome to APPLY as a volunteer.

What you need to do to APPLY for the Communications Panel:

Contact Rob the Community Development Officer on 8862 1500 to say you are interested in being in the Residents Council

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